The current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions on travel and commuting, the legal framework regarding the activity of events and professional fairs, as well as talks with clients and partners, forced Exponor – Porto International Fair to maintain the suspension of fairs and events, which has been in place since March 2020. This means that, while there is no change in the current situation and until we have the requirements to reschedule the fairs and events in 2021, all the planned activity is suspended.

Therefore, we hope that our customers and partners can prepare a realistic plan for 2021 and avoid incurring on losses due to the lack of timely decisions or unexpected postponements.

In this context, we reaffirm Exponor’s willingness and commitment to return to professional fairs and major events, awaiting a positive evolution of the pandemic situation, as well as a tangible legal framework, which will allow us to plan our return to the activity still in 2021, as is our keen desire.

Thus, we wait for the support of a favorable and consistent legal framework regarding our activity, and according to its timing, we will return with the appropriate scheduling of fairs and events, as soon as possible.

We will stay in touch, leaving a word of encouragement and hope, which hopefully will inspire everyone to resist and return stronger.